Enterprise Workwear

Enterprise Workwear are committed to ensuring sustainability is at the forefront of our thinking in every aspect of our business.

From purchasing goods & services to our daily activities, we recognize the importance of our impact on the planet and we actively seek out ways to minimize waste and maximize use of our resources.

We look to work with Brands and manufacturers who offer full transparency of processes and product sourcing.

Our aim is to provide our customers with long lasting quality garments and accessories and to work with Brands and Manufacturers who comply with our views on sustainability. Year on year we strive to increase our sustainable product offer.


We aim to hold ourselves to the highest standards in maintaining the positive working environment we have created for our employees.

We continue to support the local community with job opportunities and sponsorships. We continually review and adopt sustainable business strategies in a way that meets the present needs of our Company without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.


As a company we have implemented sustainability policy and procedures including recycling paper and plastic packaging, using paperless technology and installing LED lighting throughout the building.

As a business, we take our impact on the planet seriously and make sure that we incorporate sustainable measures where possible to extend the lifecycle of products we use and sell.

We commit to monitoring and reviewing our environmental performance and taking corrective action where necessary.