Enterprise Workwear

PS22 - Ultra Safe Goggles

Product Details

Premium goggles with chin guard for enhanced eye and face protection. Designed to shield you from liquid droplets, large dust particles, molten metal, and hot solids, this complete set is a must-have for safety in hazardous environments. The chin guard can be conveniently flipped up into stand-by mode when not in use, and features adjustable ventilation holes via a slider for maximum comfort. Plus, our indirect ventilation goggles are suitable to wear over most prescription glasses, ensuring that you stay protected no matter what.

  • Goggles with chin guard for extra face protection
  • Chin guard with adjustable ventilation for improved breathability
  • Chin guard can be flipped up when not in use
  • Goggles with indirect ventilation to avoid misting up
  • KN certified lens coatings for extra durability and best vision (anti-scratch/ anti-fog)
  • Suitable for wearing over most prescription glasses
  • Certified protection against molten metal splash
  • Anti-scratch high level treatment coating, certified and marked with K on the lens
  • Anti-fog high level treatment coating, certified and marked with N on the lens
  • Protection against Molten Metal
  • Retail bag which aids presentation for retail sales
  • Individually packed for vending machines
  • CE certified


Materials: Polycarbonate, PVC, ABS