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Customer Review: 'Exceptional service from an exceptional company!'

We were thrilled to receive this glowing five star review from one of our valued customers MobiQuip, who are specialists in crafting mobility solutions for their customers. We were so glad we could help kit the team out in quality workwear to reflect the professional work they do on a daily basis. Check out Mobiquip here.
Customer Review: 'Exceptional service from an excellent company!'
Customer: MobiQuip

"We contacted Enterprise Workwear to assist us in branding our corporate clothing. We asked for something that would look great in any professional environment where we could be flexible in a smart or business casual dress code. We had no specific garments in mind and let Enterprise Workwear guide us through their vast selection of options.

Our initial consultation was incredibly reassuring as they instantly understood our requirements, not only for the way we wanted to look but for the quality of the clothing we were looking for. The next day we received through the post a selection of samples and a catalogue of variations with numerous options. The samples were followed up with a phone call from Enterprise Workwear to narrow down our requirements, we then within an hour of the telephone call received a digital design along with a quotation. Impressed by this already fantastic service we had no hesitation in placing an order.

We selected navy merino wool quarter zip jumpers along with an extremely high quality white cotton shirt, the Enterprise Workwear design team added our logo to the left arm and rear nape of the garments. The branding has been carefully embroidered to ensure that is no distortion of the fabric, a fine detail that significantly adds the overall quality of the clothing.

Once the order was placed we received confirmation by email of our order along with an estimated delivery date...when we checked the delivery date on the email we were astounded to see that it was for the next working day!

True to their word and unbelievably we the following day received a delivery from Enterprise Workwear, the clothing was carefully packaged individually for each member of our team which was a lovely surprise. We all received our own box of clothing that was personally labelled for each person and as an added bonus there was also a free gift in each box from Enterprise Workwear as a thank you for our order.

Once again, thank you Enterprise Workwear we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to anyone that is serious about upping their professional image and we will 110% be using you again."